Meridian-NorStar Feature Codes

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So, you are sitting next ot a NORSTAR 7100 (which really has little or no feature buttons), and you want to do things besides answer the thing when it rings. Well, this page may be of some help to you. It contains a list of the common feature codes that most people use day to day.

Please note, this is a 'reference'.

'F' denotes the 'FEATURE' button, followed by the code itself with a breif description of the feature's function.

If you are using a plain old analog phone attached to the KSU via an ATA, you have no feature button at all. In this case, you must flash the switchook and press the * (the special key under the 7) on your dial keypad (very quickly), followed by your desired feature code. Be careful, some things will not work on analog phones connected to the KSU (ring volume, contrast, music, etc.).

If you need the individual features explained, you might be better off hunting down a copy of the NORTEL NORSTAR System Coordinator Guide (good luck).

Feature Code Quick Reference (by feature code)

F *0Button Inquiry
F *1Programming Outside Autodial onto a memory button
F *2Programming Inside Autodial onto a memory button
F *3Programming Features onto a memory button
F *4Programming Personal Speed Dial (71 to 94)
F *501Set display to English
F *502Set display to French
F *503Set display to Spanish
F *6Set Ring Type
F *7Set contrast adjustment
F *80Set Ring Volume adjustment
F *81Move Line Buttons
F *82Set Dialing Mode Auto/Pre-Dial/Standard
F *84Autolog Options
F *85Call Log Password
F *89Programmed "RLS" into number sequence
F *9Programmed "STOP/RUN" into number sequence
F 0Dial from Speed Dial (01 to 94)
F 1Send Message
F 2Ring Again
F 3Conference
F 4Call Forward
F 5Last number redial
F 6Norstar Call
F 60Page: general
F 61Page: to internal zone
F 62Page: external
F 63Page: internal zone and external
F 630Page: all zones and external
F 64Line pool access
F 65Message Reply
F 66Voice call
F 67While on phone, saves the number dialed (up to 24 digits)
F 67When dialing a call, uses the saved number
F 68Restriction (COS) password
F 69Priority call
F 70Transfer
F 72Timed Release
F 74Call Park
F 75Call Pickup
(any ringing set within your group)
F 76Call Pickup by extension
F 77Call Duration Timer
F 78Programmed Pause
F 79Exclusive Hold
F 800Answer any ringing outside line
F 801Call Queuing
F 802Group Listen option
F 803Show Date and Time while on call
F 804Programmed wait for dial tone
F 805Set Test
F 806Set static time (freezes Date and Time during call)
F 807Ringing Call
F 808Set Long Tones
F 810make set busy
F 811Show outside caller information
F 812Call Log
F 813Log call information
F 815Autobump Call Log
F 819Block name and number
F 82camp on
F 83Privacy
F 84Line Direct
F 85Do Not Disturb
F 86Background Music
F 87Night Service/Service Mode
F 870SERVICE: Show Schedules
F 871SERVICE: Set Ringing
F 872SERVICE: Set Restriction
F 872SERVICE: Set Routing
F 88Voice Call Deny
F 9*1StarTalk: Feature Inquiry
F 980StarTalk: Leave Voice Mail Message
F 981StarTalk: Log Into/Pickup Voice Mail
F 982StarTalk: Operator
F 983StarTalk: Administration
F 984StarTalk: Forward to Voice Mail
F 985StarTalk: Extension Inquiry
F 986StarTalk: Transfer into Voice Mail
F 987StarTalk: Interrupt Live Message
F #1CANCEL: Send Message
F #2CANCEL: Ring Again
F #3CANCEL: Conference
F #4CANCEL: Call Forward
F #65CANCEL: Reply message
F #85CANCEL: Do Not Disturb
F #86CANCEL: Background Music
F #87CANCEL: Night Service

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